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"...a brave and compelling book..." MEGAN HYATT MILLER, President & CEO, Full Focus




It's time to STOP Playing Small and Start Thinking Big.

You’re stuck and frustrated on your entrepreneurial journey.

You want growth,
but the next step isn't clear.

Your inner voice nudges you to do more, but you aren’t sure what or how.
Or maybe your priorities constantly fight for your attention, and you always feel behind.

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What you want most is movement toward...

You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work.

Andrea Liebross has discovered that regardless of where you are in your business, the secret to getting unstuck is not in what you do:

It’s in how you think!


"This is a brave and compelling book. Andrea's lessons are ambitiously changing the narrative of what it means to be a woman, mom, daughter, and friend while becoming a successful entrepreneur."
Megan Hyatt Miller
President and CEO, Full Focus
"If you are a successful entrepreneur but have even an inkling that there is another level of success and you are meant for more, this book is for you."
Stacey Hylen
Coach and Author of Hidden Profits
"This book is a much-needed guide for all of those women who dream of starting their own businesses, moving in a new direction, or leading the next generation of business leaders."
Belinda Ellsworth
Author and Host of the Work from Your Happy Place Podcast

If you are ready to...

take charge of the mess and move forward in your entrepreneurial adventure!

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She Thinks Big


Meet Best-Selling Author,


Andrea Liebross, a certified business and life coach, specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs to infuse thinking with action so they can drop the drama and figure out how to think like a CEO, manage like a CEO and believe in themselves to achieve success in their business and at home.

Celebrated for her transformative work with unapologetically embitious women, helping translate their visions into tangible accomplishments, Andrea is the author of the new book, She Thinks Big.

Andrea is dedicated to implementing systems and strategies that lead to sustainable and meaningful success. She possesses the unique ability to decipher complex situations and shed light on the broader perspective, one that transcends business politics and tedious responsibilities. Her focus is on guiding women toward their highest potential, free from the constraints of traditional norms, to achieve a coveted balance of time, financial prosperity, and boundless energy.

Beyond her coaching, Andrea is a dynamic speaker and the engaging host of the Time to Level Up podcast, where she works to help listeners create a plan to have a profitable and successful business. 

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