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Helping Women
Create a Life that Flows (with Ease)
not another to-do list

Get a handle on all the moving parts. Because even if you know what you love to do (or JUST HAVE A HUNCH), it doesn’t mean you’re actually doing it, or You LOVE how you’re doing it.

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stress isn't an inconvenience

Eliminating Your Stress
at the Source

This hustle you’ve been stuck in, this chaos surrounding you, this “season of life,” this “successful stuck,” isn’t what you’re after. You’ve got so much more planned for yourself because you want to do life without it just happening to you.

You want your business to keep growing and you want your life to feel easier. You want more time in your day and things to flow. You want to be able to get to the next level of both, while also getting the kids to listen to you. And you want it to be sustainable.

Success, joy and love and all things good can be sustainable. You just need to have the systems in place to do that. That’s what we’re here to do:

To figure out how to get what you love back into your day and how to love the way you do things.

We’re going to make that happen!

Deep down, you know it can be done.

After all, you’ve gone this far in life. Surely you can get further.

But, you’ve got a glimmer of hope.

And you’ve gone to
“The Googles”

Because you can learn everything you need to know on Google. Right? But as you look at the blinking cursor, you’ve wondered – “what exactly should I search for?” – since you don’t know where or how to start, or maybe even exactly what is wrong.

You’ve typed something in along the lines of “How to gain control?” Or “How to find more time” or maybe “How to finish what’s on my to-do list?” “How to decide what is most important in order to reach the goal?” or “How to make exercise a priority?” “How to make this success sustainable?” “Is ‘having it all’ an actual thing?” and the best: “How to live a balanced life?” How cliche!

But even after you watched the YouTube videos, read the 18th blog, and landed on some podcast series that had some potential of straightening things out, you still feel like you’re standing in someone else’s shoes.

They fit. They look great. Everyone says so.
(And that voice in the back of your head agrees.)
But you want them to feel good too.

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You want to feel unapologetically ambitious,
not guilty or inadequate.

And you’re not quite sure of what you want to feel (yet) but you’re damn sure about what you don’t want to feel:

And you tell yourself, that the next step shouldn't be that hard

That this too shall pass
that maybe you haven’t unlocked the secret, yet

It really isn’t that hard, actually. In fact the “next step” is right around the corner.

The reality is that all the other “help” you’ve gone through has probably looked at a singular thing, or fire, or issue. But it takes a look at all the areas of your life and business to break through to where you want.

You want to gain awareness of what is really going on, and let’s face it – you want to know what to do – so you can finally feel in control to move forward loving what you do daily, while also holding onto the calm you crave.

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"Andrea's coaching was just what I needed when I couldn't get myself out of my own way. I was in a challenging point in my career and life and without realizing it, my mental state was in need of a reboot. With Andrea's tough love guidance and encouragement, she helped me transform my mindset so that I started every day with my best foot forward despite mornings when I didn't want to look five feet ahead. I can't recommend Andrea's coaching enough and I continue to rely on some of her mantras, specifically 'How do I want to show up today?' to this day."
Kathryn Colson Hammond
Attorney, K&L Gates

But here’s the good news: The answer to it all? It's getting in control of ONE thing: your ONE brain

But seriously, your brain comes with you into all areas you operate in.

So we need your brain to focus. We begin by focusing on just one thing. But quickly, that focus will start to impact all.the.things. All areas of your life. And soon that feeling of ease arrives. I promise. Pinky swear.

It really is that simple. Manage your mind.

More good news; you’re here to figure things out. And that’s exactly what we’ll do together. We’ll figure it out. Because everything can be solved.

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"Andrea is an amazing coach. If you're ready to take your business or life to the next level, but just haven't been able to do so and can't figure out what's stopping you, then you need her. She's helped me figure out what and where I need to focus my energy and then connected me to actual people and resources that have helped me gain what feels like a year's worth of traction in just a couple months."
terri wada
Terri Wada
Service Design Strategist and President, Collabo Creative

“yeah…I need your help like…yesterday Andrea”

I get that. Why spend one more day feeling this way when you know you can start the journey to be done with it? So let’s chat about what comes next.