Move Forward
with Deliberate Direction

Coaching you to next level success
through confidence and clarity.

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Next Level Success

You may honestly believe you are capable of achieving more, but struggle to break through to the next level of success. Roadblocks such as fear, limiting beliefs or the routine of day-to-day responsibilities seem to hold you back from moving forward in your career or business.

I work with professionals and business owners who struggle to advance. They face many problems including:

  • Finding Clarity
  • Managing Time
  • Creating Personal Balance
  • Gaining Confidence
  • Inability to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities
  • Following Through

I help you move past these obstacles so you can advance your career or grow your business and live with unapologetic ambition.

Permission to Move Forward

with Unapologetic Ambition

Most likely you are well educated, successful, and have an incredible amount of value which you bring to any organization or business. You may have even created an amazing team at work. But you feel like you lack what’s needed to create opportunity and push you or your team to the next level. Do you lack next level thinking? Vision? Direction? Or permission? Is it just too much given everything else you have going on in your life?

We will work together  to move you forward and to discover confidence and clarity. We put "tools" in your personal "toolbox" that you need to create amazing possibilities that will accelerate your success and take you to the next level.

Possibilities Coach

I’m Andrea, and I’m a Possibilities Coach. Yep, I will coach you to get excited about the potential you have within. I will equip you to create a plan to discover the possibilities in you business, career, home and so much more. But more importantly, I will engage you to get clarity and move forward with confidence. So that you can grow and live with unapologetic ambition. And I’ll tell you my secret, it starts with your thinking.


We work together to:

  • Establish Where You Are Now
  • Visualize Where You Want to Go
  • Tackle Limiting Beliefs
  • Stop Stopping Yourself
  • Overcome Overwhelm
  • Think on Purpose
  • Create and Execute an Action Plan
  • Gain Confidence and Find Clarity
Meet Andrea Liebross, Possibilities Coach


One to One Coaching

Ready to stop talking about it and take action? Through a simple process, I will help you evaluate where you are, equip you with a plan so that you will engage and take your next step.

We’ll create action steps that take you to the next level with deliberate direction, so that you will finally move forward with confidence and clarity.


I speak and teach on a variety of topics including positive mindset, managing thoughts, feelings and actions, career change and healthy goal setting.

My workshops focus on the tools you need to get your from where you are now to where you want to be, which includes quieting your “headtrash.”

Workplace Coaching

Technical skill and knowledge is only 10% of what is necessary to succeed. The other 90% is mindset and people skills.

I assist leaders in teaching their team members to think with intention and find the clarity they need to propel themselves forward and create opportunities for growth.

Working with Andrea

Step 1

Apply for a Complimentary
Discovery Call

Step 2

Work Together to Determine Direction

Step 3

Break Through to
Next Level Success

Move Forward with Confidence and Clarity. Live with Unapologetic Ambition.

Next Level Thinking

Andrea shares new perspectives to help you discover endless possibilities for change.