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Next Level Success

Most honestly believe they are capable of achieving more, but struggle to break through to the next level of success in their career, relationships, finances, health or at home. Roadblocks such as fear, limiting beliefs or the day-to-day routine (or responsibilities) seem to hold them back from moving forward.

Stuck in a Routine?

Life has a way of getting into a routine. Sometimes we control the routine and sometimes it controls us. We find ourselves focused on our spouses, kids, jobs and daily responsibilities. We can also get stuck in a mental routine allowing the same limiting thoughts to repeat day in and day out keeping us from taking our next step. Have you ever felt lost, uncertain, overwhelmed or confused when you think about taking your next step?

Next Level Direction

What if you knew the secret to next level thinking? We’re talking about changing the way you think about where you are, and the possibilities available to you. What does it take to break through the routine and determine the direction needed to go to the next level? Whether it’s a change in your, business, career, health, daily schedule or discovering your purpose in life, “thinking on purpose” is key.

Discover Your Power

We are all creative beings. You are creative. Most likely you are well educated, successful, and have an incredible amount of value which you bring to any organization, school, career or volunteer role. But you lack the next level thinking to create your next opportunity. Or the vision. Or the direction. Or the permission. I will guide you discover your power to create amazing possibilities that will accelerate your success and take you to the next level. Wherever you are.

Possibilities Coach

I’m Andrea, and I’m a Possibilities Coach. Yep, I coach individuals and workplace teams to get excited about the potential they have within. I equip them to create a plan to discover the possibilities in their business, career, health, relationships and so much more. But more importantly, I engage my clients to take the first step to change the direction of their life, wherever they are. And I’ll tell you my secret, it starts with your thinking.

Meet Andrea Liebross, Possibilities Coach



Ready for change? Through a simple three step process, I will help you evaluate where you are, equip you with a plan and engage you to take your next step. Or are you managing a team? Create a strategy to take them to the next level. I teach team members how to think with the intention needed to propel forward.

Live Events

I speak and teach on a variety of topics including positive mindset, managing thoughts, feelings and actions, career change and healthy goal setting. My monthly workshop focuses on the tools you need to get your from where you are now to where you want to be, which includes quieting your “headtrash.”

Books & Beyond

Join a community of women who understand the power of reading and personal growth though Books & Beyond. Strategic book choices and a curated group who support each other, will help you gain next level thinking and discover what is possible in your business, career, relationships, and lifestyle.

What clients are saying:

I was always waiting for the right time. When Sam graduates. When my husband Max comes home from his trip. When Ben finds a job to support himself. During my discovery session with Andrea, she was able to show me that I was creating my own barriers and then taught me how to manage what I was thinking. She empowered me to become more aware at the beginning and end of each day. Clarity quickly began to shine through and I realized now is the time for change.

-- Jennifer

I was always the professional volunteer and in charge of our household.  I enjoyed my volunteer work at school, but LOVED my volunteer work at the Art Museum.  I had thought about taking that love further, but still felt that my household CEO job would not allow for something else in the mix. During my discovery session with Andrea, she helped me see that there really was time, and that I could do both.

-- Catherine

Going into the discovery session, I wondered if this business of mine was salvageable. And was it worth putting even MORE time into it. During my discovery session with Andrea, she was able to show me that I was creating my own barriers and then begin to teach me how to change my thinking in order to create the possibilities I needed to move forward.

-- Beth

Andrea is a motivated leader with exceptional expertise in several areas of coaching. Andrea is wonderful to work with and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her personally. She is loyal, insightful, and extremely self-motivated. She inspires others to reach higher. - Lauren

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Create New Possibilities with Next Level Thinking

Next Level Possibilities

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