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Next Level Thinking

You could spend time finding out which Friends character you are (we already know you’re not a Phoebe) or spend time finding out what will actually move the needle in your life.

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Committing to Growth

Committing to your own development is step one to living your personal legend.

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Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck is all about recovering your momentum and actively doing something to get you where you want to go.

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcoming overwhelm requires recognizing how you feel then redesigning your reaction to both mundane tasks and responsibilities as well as stressful or important ones.

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Taking Action

Taking action (versus staying inaction) is the last step to getting the result you want and achieving your goals.

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Understanding Feelings

Understanding your feelings and emotions means recognizing, respecting, and accepting your feelings as they happen and knowing you have the power to change them right now