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You’re moving right along. Getting through your business while getting through your days. But then one day you feel like life is moving you along instead of you making life happen. You either feel tied to work or tied to the autopilot of life. And neither feel like you have your sh*t completely together.

You’re not willing to settle with “the cards you’ve been dealt” but you’re not quite sure how to shuffle the deck or create your own reality.


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Hi, I'm Andrea

And this story starts with me, when I was you. I had two kids who “needed me,” two big dogs that shed, and one husband who worked a lot. I had been in the same job situation for 10 years. And I was over it. Like “if I have to make one more emergency work call from the school pick-up line I’m gonna lose it” kind of over it.

I knew there was something bigger for me. I mean, everyone else in my life was all like, “Andrea has it all together! She’s an Ivy leaguer with a stable job, a great family, and her smile lights up every room she’s in!” Surely they were seeing something there, but it didn’t feel like I had it all together, you know?

Of course you know. You’re here. 

I knew something had to be next for me. But getting to “what’s next” felt messy. 

I was tired of other people telling me what to do and feeling like my days weren’t my own, which led to me feeling like I was always behind, not good enough. Not even my Dartmouth College degree and Masters made me feel as accomplished as I was supposed to feel. So, “What’s next?” It just seemed like SUCH A BIG question that had tentacles that could go in a thousand directions. I really believed that if I chose to go down Avenue A, chaos would ensue on Avenue B. 

But then a friend suggested I get some help in figuring it all out. Help? This seemed like such a simple concept and yet, I couldn’t come up with that brilliant idea on my own. Why? Because my brain was more cluttered than an episode of Hoarders, that’s why.

But...what kind of help do you get when you feel so stuck?

I mean, I was already reading Brené Brown, listening to the Girl Boss Radio podcast, and doing a lot of commiserating with the women I worked with over red wine from Willamette Valley. That’s self-development, right? But my friend said, NO, real help. Like a coach.

Well, I had never worked with a coach, and didn’t really know what one was. I had had field hockey coaches in high school, and I had worked with a personal trainer. My boss at my current job sometimes told me that she was “coaching” me.”

But I felt like this feeling was infiltrating so many areas of my life – my health, my relationship, my job, my kids, you name it – I had to find a solution. I had to find a way to do what I loved and love doing it.

So, enter a coach.

As we tackled the “what’s next” question in our first few sessions, I started to think about what I really loved in my current job as a recruiter and trainer.

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What I loved? That was easy.

I loved helping women move through the journey of life. When they felt like their calendar was out of control. When they were convinced that they weren’t the “perfect” mom everyone said they were. When they were doing the thing they loved, but didn’t know how to do it in a way that didn’t feel so…messy.

I loved helping them when they felt like they could take on the world, if only they had the one thing that would help them do it. When they knew there was such a thing as a work/life balance (haha, cliché, I know) and yet didn’t know where to start in finding such an elusive creature.

And these women… They were ambitious! They didn’t want to apologize for that ambition. They just needed to “figure it out.”

Helping these women through all of that “head trash” – That was the part of my job that I loved. And I was good at it.

So my coach looked at me and said, “you know, what you love is coaching.”

It was right there in front of me the whole time, but I was indoctrinated in putting what I “should” do in others, that…

I never stopped to consider what I wanted to do for myself.

 You probably feel like there are a lot of areas of your life and business that have been built around more “shoulds” than “wants”, too. And there’s a good chance it’s right in front of you, you just need some help looking at it and laying it all out.

Well, buckle up. Because that is what we are going to do.

We’re going to catch the elusive creature of work/life balance and carry it all the way back to a place that feels much easier.

Working together we create systems and strategies so that your success isn’t fleeting, but sustainable, on your terms. And ensure that the same success is based on the things that really matter to You.

In order to do that, we talk both business and life. Because in today’s world, it’s impossible to separate the two. They both play a role and are fair game. And I get it, untangling the two in a way that makes sense and doesn’t tip the scale one way or the other feels daunting.

It’s okay. Like I said, I’ve been there. I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you, and I’ve found that the key to “figuring it out” is easy access to a trusted partner. You deserve a strategic ally who can help you see the big picture. One that’s not concerned about business politics nor if it will mean stepping up their share of the chores. Because it’s about time that what you want for your life took priority.

You need a business AND life coach. I’d love to be that person to help you balance those scales.