29: How an Organized Space Leads to an Organized Mind with Muffy White

How an Organized Space Leads to an Organized Mind with Muffy White

We talk a lot on this show about organizing your mind, but I actually think it is just as important to have an organized space. Do you agree?

When I have clients who start to understand how to organize their brains and clean out their thinking, they get inspired to start organizing and cleaning out their physical spaces. 

In this episode, we are talking about organizing your home and why it’s important. 

Muffy White, a professional organizer, is joining me to talk all about this. Muffy helps her clients organize and create clean spaces for them to do better thinking and living in.

Muffy White is a professional organizer, concierge mover, and the founder of Muffy White Organizing & Styling (MWOS). She and her team work in homes of all sizes to help them function at their best. They believe in the old adage “outer order equals inner calm.” They strive to bring that calm to your home while you live in it, prepare to sell it, and are in the moving process. MWOS has successfully transformed hundreds of homes, offices, and not-for-profits. Keeping green is part of their philosophy, and instead of adding to landfills, they have helped their clients donate thousands of dollars worth of items to local communities.

Muffy was born and raised in Massachusetts, is a graduate of the University of Vermont, a retired ski instructor from Telluride, CO, a former contract salesperson at Lane Office Furniture in NYC, and now a happy PO in Gloucester, MA. She has a hockey-playing family (two children and husband!) but skis as often as possible! She is an avid reader, runner, friend, and sister.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why an organized space is important
  • Doing what works for you 
  • What stops us from having an organized space 
  • Why it can be helpful to have someone organize your space for you 
  • Learning to accept help
  • Giving yourself permission to let go 

I hope this helps you to look at your space with fresh eyes and gives you permission to get rid of that old gift that you’ve been holding onto out of guilt. 

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