15: Let's Talk About Money | Andrea Liebross
Let's Talk About Money

15: Let’s Talk About Money

Who doesn’t want to commit to making more money?

That’s right, today we are talking about money, money, money!

I love money, and I know that might freak you out to hear. We’ve been taught that money is the root of all evil, but I don’t believe that! I think if you are an evil person and you have money, you are going to do evil things. I also think if you are an amazing person and you have money, you’re going to do amazing things. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How making more money means bringing more value into the world
  • Why we associate money with evil 
  • Why the pursuit of money doesn’t make you greedy
  • That money can solve a lot of problems 
  • Wealth is not something that exists, it’s something that you create 
  • How the value you’re putting out there is like gold 
  • Wealth doesn’t come from time or effort, it comes from value created 
  • What it means to be a valuable person 

I want you to ask yourself, why do you have the amount of money that you have? I want you to think about money in terms of thoughts, feelings, actions and results. 

When you do that, what do you notice? What thoughts do you currently have? Are they likely to make you more or less money? It’s interesting, isn’t it?

What’s your money mindset?  Don’t forget to download my FREE money beliefs assessment so you can make more money! 

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