23: How to Know What’s Ok and What’s Not with Jennifer Rubenstein

How to Know What's Ok and What's Not with Jennifer Rubenstein

Are you beating yourself up about things beyond your control?

I have two words for you: it’s okay. 

Today I am chatting with one of my clients, Jennifer Rubenstein, and that’s the message that she really wants to drive home. 

Jennifer has been working on figuring out what the right thing is for her in a lot of different aspects of her life, and she's been able to sift through her thoughts and all that's going on in the world in order to find it.

Jennifer Rubenstein graduated from Tri-State University (now Trine University) with an advertising and marketing degree. She worked for an NBC television affiliate in a senior account manager position, was the vice president of a video and event production company working with Fortune 500 companies, and for the last 15 years, owned her own marketing and events company. 

Jennifer has extensive knowledge of branding, creative marketing promotions and strategy, event production and sales. She is a retired board member for the IWIN Foundation and hosts an annual golf outing and other food events for the Edible Indy Foundation of which she is a co-founder and president. Her passion and hobby is being a foodie and an activist for understanding the importance of supporting local food and the sustainable food movement. 

Over the last 30 plus years, Jennifer and her mother traveled to many places and made a habit of finding local off-the-beaten-path places to shop, eat and support local clean food. She uses Edible Indy as a resource for education and social justice for food sustainability.  Since moving to Indy in 2007, she supports locally owned farmer’s markets, eateries, grocery stores and any other opportunities to promote and support local business owners.

Jennifer and her husband have two lovely daughters, Wrigley and Mara.  They reside near Zionsville, Indiana on three acres and love to be outdoors. Golf, cooking, entertaining, photography, deep-sea fishing and giving back are all important to the Rubenstein Family.  They are thrilled to establish Edible Indy as the premiere local food publication and community partner.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Coming out of a plateau 
  • The power of knowing that it’s okay 
  • Why you need to set aside time to plan your day 
  • How to prioritize 
  • Knowing your worth 
  • That it’s okay that you’re not a good fit for everyone 
  • Saying no when you need to 

I think the biggest takeaway from this episode is that it’s okay! Whatever it is that is on your mind, I want you to remember that. Write it down if you need to!

Jennifer has created so much confidence over the last few years, and I love that I have been able to play a part in that. 

If you’re interested in working directly with me, schedule a call with me at www.andrealiebross.com. I want to help you say “it’s okay” to whatever's going on in your life and help you create the change you want to see.

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