Why the personal trainer:life coach team is important by Andrea Liebross

What Can A Personal Trainer/Life Coach Team Do For You?

By Andrea Liebross | August 15, 2018

One of the most common goals and resolutions that people set every year is to “get healthy”. This can be worded in many ways including “lose weight” or “exercise more”. How you word the goal doesn’t really matter, what does matter is the fact that we all know that our physical health is important. Exercise…

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Free Time? Who Has That?

By Andrea Liebross | August 8, 2018

Time is relative. The way we experience time is dependent on how we think about time. Seven Weeks For me, over the past two months, sometimes time seemed to go fast and sometimes it seemed to go slow. For the past seven weeks, my daughter has been away at overnight camp. She comes home this…

“No way, that’s crazy.”

By Andrea Liebross | July 23, 2018

How would I ever do that? When an idea pops into your head one of the first responses our brain has is, “no way, that’s crazy”. We dismiss it and carry on with our day. But then it comes back. Over and over again the thought of something new, like starting a business, going back…

3 Ways to Get “Unstuck”

By Andrea Liebross | June 27, 2018

Why We Aren’t Taking Action Ever wonder why it’s difficult to do the things we always said we would do? The things that are good for us, or will help us move ahead? Even if they aren’t easy, in our minds we know certain actions will lead us to success, or our next step in…

Who needs a life coach anyway?

By Andrea Liebross | June 24, 2018

Who needs a life coach anyway? Let’s start with the dictionary definition of a life coach: Webster says a life coach is “an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.” The Oxford English Dictionary says a life coach is: “A person who counsels and encourages clients on matters…

Is really anything possible?

By Andrea Liebross | June 11, 2018

Well ladies, the gig is up. It is time. Time for what you might ask? Time for you to make a move, to show them what you’ve got. All by yourself. It really is time to put the big girl pants on and as Nike says “just do it.” You might think that you have…

How to find the time and motivation for something new

By Andrea Liebross | May 28, 2018

We all want to say hello to new and exciting things. New clothes, new opportunities and new adventure…but saying hello means we need to say goodbye. New means change, and change often requires making room. Letting go can either be a hard thing or a glorious thing. It is really all perspective. Self awareness is…

Five secret benefits of being married to an ‘uber’ professional

By Andrea Liebross | May 28, 2018

Being married to a doctor, a lawyer or any “uber” professional with a demanding work schedule, is wonderful. But not always glamorous. Great things come with having a ‘successful’  spouse that are very apparent to the outside world. What might not be apparent, are the secret skills you develop and benefit from  along the way.…

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Finding Your Tribe at Book Club

By Andrea Liebross | May 27, 2018

A TRIBE Shortly after we moved to Indianapolis, I chose to stay at home with my newly born bundle of joy. As most parents have found, having a child is an avenue to developing adult friendships. Soon you find you are chatting at the playground or sitting on the pool’s edge with the mother of…