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What you need to reach your goals

What You Need for a Commitment to Goals

You’ve got big goals, right? You know what you want to accomplish, and you can taste the success.  It’s right there…you’re close.  

Every woman reaches this point in her life, where she knows that in order to get to that next level of success and experience, and  the thrill of knowing she has her act together in all  aspects of her life – she has to LEVEL UP.  But actually doing that is hard work.  Not only is it hard, but it’s also confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.  So where do you start?

I’m going to give you the key to figuring it out.  

You may know that I’m a big believer in Brooke Castillos’ self-coaching model. It’s based on science, wraps in many of the theories out there, plus brings in psychology, self-help, and neuroscience. So, I turned to the model to figure out the key to reaching goals.  That model showed me one thing that I think is essential when it comes to growing and reaching that next level.

Now, you might be expecting something very complicated. You might even think that I’m crazy when I tell you that this one essential thing is a feeling.

Yes, it’s a feeling. 

It is this feeling that’s made me over $200,000 this year in my business in October alone.

It is this feeling that keeps me becoming a better and better version of myself at home and in helping more and more women. 

Feelings are often underestimated. The focus is usually on the plan, the data, or the process. 

But what if I told you that it is a feeling that can get you to that next level.

Move you forward. Give you traction. Will make you money and allow you to manage your life better? 

I think you’d say, “I’m in!” 

So here it is.  Drumroll please:  That feeling is “committed.”

Sounds too simple, right?  

The concept is that you must be committed. That became super clear to me when I was working for another organization. I worked for them for about ten years before I started my own coaching business and my job involved recruiting, hiring, and training new business owners for a women’s clothing company that sold direct to customers in a showroom format.

In my role, I saw women who were saying yes to a business opportunity and they were saying yes with enthusiasm and optimism, big dreams, and a healthy dose of anxiety.

They believed that they could make six figures in this business and many did so upfront.

They committed to running what was somewhat like a franchise, but technically they were all independent contractors. I recruited and hired them, and then I would start to train them.

Now, these women were of all ages. Some were moms, some are grandmas. Some had only a dog, while others had six kids.  Some were doing this part-time, others it was their only job. When I began training them, and telling them what it took to be successful, and the work became harder or uncomfortable, they started having what I call “little quits.”  They didn’t want to make the phone calls. They didn’t want to invest in outsourcing help or delegating, and they really didn’t want to ask hard questions of themselves or others. 

What that ultimately boiled down to was that they didn’t want to commit to reaching their goal. And what led to this lack of commitment? That they were feeling guilty and believed that everything would fall apart at home as they grew this business or they weren’t spending enough time with their kids, grandkids, spouse, or even taking their dog on enough walks. They started to believe this opportunity was not for them, that they just couldn’t do it, that it was just too much. 

I see this time and time again. Why has someone gone from being “all in” to “being kind of in?”

What I’ve come to realize is that excitement and optimism are not what it takes to be successful, grow, and reach your goals. It’s not motivation or intelligence either.  The one thing that you must have day in and day out, through the comfortable and the uncomfortable is commitment.  

If we’re not committed, no matter what we’re trying to do, whether that’s trying to get a promotion, starting or growing our own business, trying to get dinner on the table, or even folding and putting away all the laundry -it just won’t work.  If we are not committed to success, we will fail.

Read that again. 

So I decided to create a business where I could guide these women to move forward, to take action, to make money, and manage their life. And I had to be strong in my commitment to my own business and life if I was going to succeed.

To start, I got certified as a life coach, even though that’s kind of what I had been doing for the last ten years. And I invested in my own business coach. I created a website and got professional photography taken. I made my business official in the eyes of Uncle Sam. got one of those zero interest credit cards with a $25,000 limit. And I used it without hesitation to put money into the business because I was committed to creating a profitable business and paying off the credit card in the first six months, which I did. I had decided that I was committed to do everything this coach told me to do, no matter what. I changed my feeling from doubt to committed in the action I took. 

The result? The result is a business making over $200K a year and me helping thousands of women.

I saw the power of one emotion, and I saw that different emotions give us different results. But most importantly, what all these actions added up to was commitment.

I committed to myself. I had to be committed to myself before anyone else could commit to working with me.

I hear what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking about the doubts that creep in.  That’s natural – but let me tell you – your brain is holding on to the doubt, not the commitment.  When those doubts creep in, I want you to ask yourself, “does the emotion that I’m feeling right now produce the result I want?” If you are experiencing fear and doubt, is that going to produce the result you want, is that going to get you to the goal? What about apathy, anger or overwhelm?

More important than a business plan, more important than the data, more important than understanding social media and marketing, more important than the review that your manager last gave you, is YOU. Your thinking.  The most important thing to creating any kind of result you want and reaching a goal is how you feel. You need to feel the emotion that will propel the action to produce the result you want.

So maybe for you it’s not commitment, maybe it’s determination. Maybe you’re willing to be

uncomfortable. Maybe you’re willing to put yourself out there and be brave and courageous. Whatever it is, you can learn how to create the thoughts that you need to consistently reach your goals.

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