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Stuck on HOW

Stuck on HOW

How would I ever do that?

When an idea pops into your head one of the first responses our brain has is, “no way, that’s crazy”. We dismiss it and carry on with our day. But then it comes back. Over and over again the thought of something new, like starting a business, going back to school, remodeling a room, finally losing that weight or calling an old friend spins in our head. It begins as a faint whisper, but then turns into a nagging burden until we do something about it.

But that’s where we get stuck.

Even if the idea excites us, we get stuck on the question of “how.”

  • How would I ever do that?
  • I don’t have the time to do that.
  • I have two kids, two dogs, one husband, and 100 other things that I have to do.
  • How would I ever have the energy to do it?


And yet, the thought still lingers.

Over the years I’ve battled with my own “how” again and again. But, I learned to move past the feeling of being stuck trying to figure out the how before making a move. I’ve believe that – If I have a desire for something, the way to achieving that desire is also within me.

I don’t need to figure out “how.” In fact, the “how” is not even necessary. All I have to know is the next best step.

What’s the most important thing to focus on? Managing my mind.

  • Managing what I am thinking
  • Knowing that my thinking is what triggers my feelings
  • Recognizing that my feelings are ultimately what drive me to do, act or no act upon the desire or idea

And then the “how” or “way” to your desire always appears.

We can’t change the circumstances, or the facts, but we can change the thought about them. We create our own thoughts which trigger feelings that generate action (or inaction). If this happens, it is only then that the “how” naturally appears. But it can be scary.


Getting over the fear factor.

We are lucky that there is not much in our lives we genuinely need to fear.  Most of what we are afraid of is not dangerous at all. Being afraid of being embarrassed, of being vulnerable and just showing up – these are not the things that we genuinely need to fear, but fearing them keeps us safe because it is the fear that prevents us from taking action….and there is a lot fear in the “how.”  The “how” actually embodies fear.

Fear is defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”  If all fear is just an unpleasant emotion caused by a belief, we can get over that.

How do you get over it and get started?

If you’re craving clarity on your next steps to discovering what is actually possible, want to overcome the fears and doubts that are keeping you stuck and move in the direction towards your dream life then…

    • Say goodbye to anxiety and worries about your next steps AND make room for new thoughts and possibilities
    • Stop overthinking and get crystal clear on what the next step best step might be (and only just the first step)
    • Know without a doubt that what you can create and receive is unlimited
    • Equip yourself with the tools (and support) you need to get there
    • Have the ability to weave it all into where you are now with your current responsibilities

Engage and move forward into your future feeling confident, totally sure of your success and completely “unstoppable”.

Ready to discover what is possible and create it for yourself? I’m ready to support you.  Let’s have a complimentary initial discovery session. Schedule a call here and get started!

There is no better time than now.

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