Get a Grip on Your Business: Create a Runway to Freedom

Get a Grip on Your Business: Create a Runway to Freedom

You want your business to continue to grow and turn a profit, AND you want the confidence that it could run WITHOUT you!

Get Your Business to Run Smoothly and Your People to Run Themselves.

Give yourself freedom to do what you love when you want.

I help female business owners systematically approach growth and succession planning so that they can walk away for a week or forever without worry.

You're a female business owner with a business that is profitable. You have more than 3 employees or contractors. But you feel like:

  • Your business doesn’t have effective systems and processes in place and always feel like you are putting out fires
  • Your people are young, inexperienced leaders and you need them to take on responsibilities
  • Your business is YOU - literally and figuratively - and that is exhausting

Leaving You Tied to the Day to Day. How does this show up?

An exhausted you.

Learn How 3 Business Owners Created Their Runway To Freedom

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Discover what it takes to step away from daily operations—for a week, month, or forever—knowing your company will continue growing in your absence.




You get to define FREEDOM.

But you know that freedom is tied to efficient operations, leadership and organization.

You've been thinking:

  • How can I rework the business so that it continues to thrive and grow, but lets me step back and focus on what I want to focus on - either in the business or in the rest of my life?
  • How can I get out of day-to-day management or work less, while maintaining and still be in charge and lead?
  • How can we continue to grow if I’m not driving it all?
  • How to actually take a vacation with complete certainty the business will not fall apart in my absence?
  • How to ensure the company can adapt and excel, even with a relatively young and inexperienced team?
  • What does it REALLY take to relinquish the title and responsibility of CEO (this one thing will make or break your next season of life)?

Feel Free. Let's Figure Out the How.

Today, 58% of all small businesses don’t have a succession plan or feel confident that the business could continue with the owner being intricately involved.

Business owners only feel free when they have a plan.

It's time to make a plan.