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What's Your Personal Productivity Style?

It seems like it should be pretty simple. After all, you JUST have to get your act together, right? A little adjustment here, a little focus there. Except you’ve tried the “getting it together” thing, multiple times, and yet here we are.

And while overwhelm, exhaustion and those kids seem like a blanket justification for moving things from one day to the other (or maybe even month or year!), the solution is not a one-size-fits-all.

That’s why whenever someone tells me they don’t know exactly why they keep coming face-to-face with these feelings they long to overcome, and a to-do list that never ends, these are the 10 questions I ask them to find out your productivity archetype is, so that then we know what would work for them – what methods and approach would create their personal solution.

There is
no one-size-fits-all method or book you can read. The waking up at 5am, drinking green tea and meditating just might not cut it. You’re you. Let’s make getting it done easy for YOU and your brain.

get to the roots of what you're feeling

My Productivity Archetype Quiz reveals who you are and how you work best... it’s complicated, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

The Quiz helps you identify and reflect on what you, a goal-oriented, driven, ambitious woman is going through – and lays out the specific action steps you need to take in order to overcome your personal brand of overwhelm.

Is it that you’re feeling always behind and never ahead? Purposeless and without a plan? Looking at burnout on the horizon? Falling off track or stalling out? Or… are you actually killing it but you feel 110% tied to the business you created?

It all starts with finding out who you are – your archetype. From there we discover the productivity method that works best for you. 

Your results provide the next steps to change how you feel and start taking the actions you want in a way that works for YOU, so that you get the what you want done, DONE.

Want to discover the mindset shifts you need to make, the systems and strategies you should be implementing, and how to adjust the way you’re operating so you can get to a place where you love how you’re doing the thing that you love to do?


Take the "What's Your Productivity Archetype?" Quiz to receive your specific, personalized prescription to get to that better place now. It’s just what the doctor ordered.