Planning is Powerful - Andrea Liebross
Planning is Powerful

Planning is Powerful

It’s November.

It’s time to plan.

Plan for the holidays.

Plan for 2021.

Ummm, how about just plan tomorrow?  

And guess what?

YOU get to plan it. You plan your life.

Your life does not just happen to you.

You get to actually plan it.

You get to look at the map.

You get to put the address in the GPS.

You get to decide where you want to go.

You get to decide how you’re going to get there, how often you’re going to stop, how far you want to go.

You get to plan all of it. All of it.

This seems easy to understand, intellectually.

You CAN plan.

You can put things on the calendar.

But the question remains…do you honor what is on there?

Your life doesn’t happen to you. 

But understanding this is one thing, doing it is another.

Because planning is a conscious choice.

Step one is to make a decision about what you want to DO.

You are responsible for planning.

You make the decisions.

You take charge.

Step two is to make lots of little, teeny, tiny decisions within those big decision to actually do it.

And this is where the real work starts.

Because all of those teeny, tiny decisions require you to be uncomfortable.

These decisions are the work. They can be hard. They can be uncomfortable.

So what needs to happen for you to follow that plan? To make this really work?

Step three: What is the result, the outcome, that you are looking for? Write it down.

Then step four – break it down into teeny, tiny chunks.

Step five – what are the obstacles that will get in the way of achieving and conquering these smaller chunks? What’s going to get in the way?

There are a lot of things that will get in the way, but now you’ve got to turn the obstacles into to-do items (step six).

You put the to-dos in order of execution.

You put them on your calendar.

You plan.

Then – step seven – you follow the plan, each day, no matter what.

It’s a long road. I know.

But energy drain comes from indecision and lack of planning.

It creates anxiety, agitation, negative emotions.

So we don’t make the decisions, don’t move, don’t take action.

There goes more and more energy.

Making decisions provides relief.

As soon as you make a plan, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Once it’s on your calendar, you know what to do. You’ve made a decision.

You don’t have to think about it ever again.

You just look at your calendar, and do it.

That’s what planning can do for you.

So, you’re not sure what decision to make and thus plan?

You think you need more time.

You blame indecision for not doing. But really that’s just procrastination.

And procrastination burns you out, drains your energy, wears you down.

When you actually make the decision, it’s usually the decision you would’ve made anyway.

For real.

So decide.



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