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How to Talk About Money

How to Talk About Money

We’ve been taught that money is the root of all evil. Maybe if you are an evil person and you have money, you’ll do evil things. But if you are an amazing person and you have money, you have the opportunity to do amazing things!

So, why do so many women have such a hard time talking about money?

If I’m honest, I probably had a hard time too until about two years ago. That all changed when I decided that the more money I made, the more women I could help. The money I make allows me to really create more, to touch more women, to do more good, to provide for more women, provide these women exactly what they need. 

Think about that: If we aspire, desire or work towards more money, it is allowing us to be more of who we really are and help more people. Now, I know a lot of you think the opposite of that is true. You think that the pursuit of money may make us greedy. Or that it may make us treat other people terribly and that we shouldn’t ever try and achieve wealth because millionaires have always hurt somebody on their way to getting to the millions. These beliefs are pervasive. They’re everywhere. And I see this every day with my clients. 

When we’re talking about growing their career or their business, I’ll hear things like, “but it’s really not about the money.” Or they’ll say, “it doesn’t matter how much I make,” or “I don’t think what I’m doing or creating is really worth that much yet because I’ve just started.” They have a hard time asking for money. People’s thoughts about money seem to be their truth. Their own thoughts are the absolute truth. They think their money thoughts are money truths. 

One of the most important things that I think we can all agree on is that money can solve a lot of problems. Building wealth is one way to solve problems. You know what poor people need? Besides needing food, water, and shelter, they also need money. 

So you must build wealth to have money, in order to give it away. Think about that. All right. You must have money to give money away. I think a lot of us think that there’s a big apple pie labeled wealth up there in the sky and that we all should get a slice. But one of the things that I want to offer you is that wealth is not something that exists, that you just go and get. Wealth is something that you create by creating value. 

Creating value that creates wealth.

The way that you create wealth is by creating value. If you look at someone like Oprah, she didn’t have any more time than anyone else. She maxed out her effort, but so do many people working at Target. Two people can both put in max effort, but they don’t make the same amount. So, if Oprah puts the time that she has had to put into her business and she puts forth the same effort as the person at Target, how come she made so much more money than the person working the nine to five? Because she created value that people want.

Wealth is completely proportionate to the amount of value created. But ultimately, the value comes from being a valuable person. You’re creating value in the world. Money comes to us through many ways by the amount of value and service that we provide, what we give of ourselves to the world. That’s the easiest way to have money come to you.

Some people want to get paid for putting in the least amount of time and effort. That backfires. Seeing people that always want to produce more than that, want to over deliver, they get it back tenfold. Not only do they get it back in the self-esteem and self-confidence they gain, but in their willingness to receive. When people talk about abundance, this is what they’re talking about. When you’ve given such quality to the world, you are open to receiving all the gifts, all the abundance that the world has. 

But here’s the opposite: When you’re living in scarcity, wanting to make sure that you get paid for every single thing you do. And when you don’t, you stop creating value and you just live in a way where you’re going to “do your time” and get your paycheck. You’re never going to blow your own mind in terms of money or creation. That’s scarcity. 

But money is actually quite easy when you clean up your beliefs around it. When you allow yourself to imagine breaking out of the time and effort way of thinking, you’re going to open yourself up to so much more possibility. I had no idea how much fun I could have making money and having money. I had no idea how easy money was. And I love giving and creating value. And I just want to keep creating more value, keep over-delivering. What about you?

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