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I've Got This

I’ve Got This

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You may be thinking, “I can handle this. I started my business alone. I’ve managed it this whole time all by myself, and I’ve figured everything out by working hard and knowing where to look for answers.”

But do you really want to anymore?

Sure, you’ve done it on your own so far, but if you’re being honest with yourself,  you’re also very overwhelmed.

You’re struggling to find answers to your questions on Google. You’re struggling to hit the goals that you’re setting for yourself. And you’re beating yourself up for not having your act together and being further ahead at this point in your business.


But you don't have to
any longer

Group coaching will give you peace of mind without sacrificing your goals, your time, or your personal relationships.

You can dream bigger. You can take tiny, though consistent steps toward those dreams. And you can set up systems to make it easier to accomplish everything you set your mind to.

It starts with committing to your growth and investing in the group coaching experience….

Because there’s one thing I know for sure: You’ve got this.

I've Got This is a group coaching program for women, like you, who:

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"I was tired of saying "would of, could of, should of." I wanted to get out of my own way and learn a systematic way to accomplish my goal. I wanted to be able to coach myself. Through coaching, I have tackled things I have hesitated to do for a long time. That is HUGE. And I have gotten numerous systems in place that I could not have done on my own."
Erin Wilson
Erin Wilson
Realtor/Broker, Encore Sotheby's International Realty

In I've Got This, you’ll have support, strategy, systems, and space to figure it all out.

You’ll become the woman who has…

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Attract Perfect Clients. Raise your rates. Invest in yourself. Find the hidden profits.

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Step into thought leadership. Show up feeling unapologetically ambitious.

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Plan your schedule. Balance work and home. Follow through. Protect your time and energy.

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Look at challenges differently. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Consider varying perspectives.

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R & R

Sleep a sound eight hours every night. Schedule and take days off without guilt. Book a massage and a facial.

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Prioritize the kids’ soccer games. Spend time with friends at the lake. Have meaningful conversations at dinner.

And yes, there are women who have all of these things.

They’re called my clients.

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"I have four young kids. My husband travels at least two days every week. I own a business and I have a team of four people that work for me. After my first chat with Andrea, I immediately knew I needed to stop feeling like I had to be all the places all the time and to get some like systems in place so that I could actually be the owner of the business and work on the business, not in it all the time. Now I have margin in my day, I can turn “off” my business without guilt, and have figured out what I need to do and what other people can do for me. It is so freeing."
whitney sparks
Whitney Sparks-Vredenburgh
Owner at Nested Spaces
Committed to growth is

I've Got This group business coaching includes...

Unlimited course access, 3 group coaching calls every month, and a 24/7 community with access to Andrea when you need it.

I’m asking you to step beyond a faux reality filled with Instagram filters and partial truths (yes, even the ones your friends tell you) and step into a Zoom Room where we’re all working toward our goals, and we’re willing to do it together.

I’ll help you be and stay committed to growing, even when others make you feel like it’s a “back burner” priority.

Because it’s not just about getting to the starting line and wearing the cute t-shirt, it’s about courageously running the track and crossing the finish line with gloriously sweaty pride.

Your family might not get it. Your friends probably don’t get you. And guess what? That’s a-okay. Because this part of you, the determined part, is what will bridge your from a life of the impossible to the possible.

I’ve Got This allows you to accelerate your own growth so that you can have more of everything you need and want.

And I’m here to tell you, it’s within your reach. You’ve got this.

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"I've Got This has given me insight into what other successful people do on a daily basis. I have not just observed and understood, I am actually doing it! I am a successful person in all aspects of my life with this new thinking and a different mindset. I’ve figured out what is serving me and what isn’t. I’ve created money. I’ve found a new opportunity in my business I didn’t even know existed. And my relationship with my kids is better. This program has given me the tools I need to create BIG thinking and stop playing small."
Cynde McInnis
Cynde McInnis
Online Educator, Owner of The Whalemobile

You’ve tried to DIY your way through the day, the month, and the year. It’s time to start using the tools that actually make a difference.

(SPOILER: IT’S GONNA TAKE MORE THAN ONE LITTLE ALLEN WRENCH, but you don’t have to worry because we’ve got everything you need).

Get the Group coaching and community you need to take you to the Next Level

This  coaching experience will give you the guidance, mindset, systems and support to get you there. And you’re not doing it alone. You are part of a GROUP COACHING COMMUNITY.

Here's what you get:

  • Strategy and Planning Sessions: Bi-Annual Group – 120 min, 2x year ($2K value)
  • Mindset and Systems Coaching: Weekly Group – 60 min, three or four per month, with Andrea (all are recorded) ($12K value)
  • Laser Coaching Accountability Sessions – Quarterly 1:1 – 15 min, one on one, with Andrea each quarter to tweak your plan for upcoming quarters ($2K value)
  • Coaching via Private Slack Community – ($5K value)
  • Momentum Modules: Bi-Monthly – ($5K value)
  • Member Vault Resource Library – ($10K value)
  • Bonus Access to:
    • Full Focus Planner Coaching 3 Setup/Intro Sessions: 1:1Full Focus Planner Coaching Program developed by Andrea that includes three one-on-one sessions with a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro Coach on Andrea’s team that focuses on becoming better at managing your time daily ($500 value)
    • Money Confidence Cash Flow/Budgeting Coaching 3 Setup/Intro Sessions: 1:1: Money Confidence Coaching Program developed by Andrea that includes three one-on-one sessions with a You Need a Budget Certified Coach on Andrea’s team that focuses on understanding your business cash flow and becoming more confident with your money ($900 value)


Course Library

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"Trust the process. If you're even thinking about doing it, and in the back of your mind, you know you want/can be better at whatever your job/goal is, DO IT. If you make the commitment ($$), you will be motivated to make things happen. I definitely know my "thinking" is improving. Not getting overwhelmed by work, and seeing momentum in business."
Kate Horrigan
Kate Horrigan
Family Advisor, Indiana Funeral Care and Crematory

Learning to the next level.
Each month we tackle new topics like...

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Designing Your Day to Align with Your Dream

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Establishing Your Process for Consistent Focus

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Quieting the Self Talk To Create Confidence to ConnecT

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Granting Yourself Permission not Perfection

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Creating Organizational Systems for Mental and Physical Space

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Setting Up Successful BUSINESS PROCESSES

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Knowing Your Worth in Dollars and Sense

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Making and Managing Money

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Stacking Your Support Team

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Training Your Brain to Think Bigger USING DATA

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Committing to S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals

What it looks like when YOU choose YOU

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I’ve gained confidence in a new position and my time management has improved greatly! Thank you, Andrea!
- Liz Burton
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Working with Andrea was worth every cent - a priceless investment not only in my business, but in myself!
- Monica Orban
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This was the best thing I did for myself and my business in 2020. My productivity increased which allows more time for fun!
- Cathy Henney
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What I got out of our year together was ME. I’m back to being number one in our company and believing in myself!
- Veronica Tubbs
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Andrea not only gave me helpful tools to enhance my performance, she provided me with excellent business strategies to stimulate my business.
- Johna Cripe
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The advice and tools were so incredibly helpful! I highly recommend if you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed in your business.
- Tiffani Higgins

This is for you if you're a woman who wants a year filled with:

More Growth
You’re not satisfied with where you are in your business. You’re ready for growth mode. You want to build on purpose. Which means setting up systems, creating a roadmap and executing on it.

More Freedom
You’re ready for a little more work-life balance, and little less stress…and guilt. Which means earning more without the hustle energy. You want to be calm, cool and collected about all aspects of your life.

More Accountability
You’re ready to get to the next-level by being around other women who aren’t afraid to talk money or morning madness. Who are focused personally and professionally to provide you with accountability and support to make things happen.

And this growth, freedom and accountability is not just for now. It’s forever.


For women who want…

  • To be held accountable
  • To grow themselves – the way they think, their outlook – and in turn grow their business
  • To manage their home life and work life together with balance
  • To increase (or even just have) revenue, a salary, productivity, happiness
  • To make decisions, follow through and stick with them
  • To be an example of what is possible
  • Know they are capable of much more and are trying to take steps to achieve it
  • And who say – why not give myself the coaching support I need so that I can create the business and life I want? –

NOW! As soon as you enroll, you will be able to hop on to the next weekly call.

The 3-4x monthly calls will be scheduled in advance so you know exactly when coaching is and can update your calendar accordingly.

Don’t worry. All calls are recorded and can be accessed 27/7. Bottom line – you can decide whether you are there or not. I don’t take attendance. Although it’s always beneficial to be on the live call, you can watch and listen to the replay if need be.

The goal is to have between 10-15 women at any time. Bottom line – you will get what you came for, no matter how many women are in the group. Right?

There are women at all stages of their personal and professional growth in this group coaching program. Some are very new to their industry, and some have been involved in some type of growth opportunity or have had a thriving business for years. Bottom line – we all learn from each other, regardless of where we are.

There are entrepreneurs and small business owners “just trying to figure it out.” Bottom line – everyone is looking for the same thing: support, strategy, systems, accountability and people they can trust.

There is always a combo of teaching and coaching. Every topic is always fair game on every call.

You have access to Coach Andrea all the time via our online channel and chat. And, the best is that that you always have access to the entire group via the same channel which creates continuous 24/7 support. You can also become part of the I’ve REALLY Got This version of the program for additional support.

That is entirely up to you. But what if you asked yourself, what if I trust in myself and know that I will put in exactly the amount of time I need to get out of it what I came for? Because you will.

The guarantee is that in six months, you’ll walk away with the mindset and tactics you need to take action, stay accountable and committed, and create sustainable success – the foundation for all of life. Bottom line – you get to decide what you will guarantee yourself, when we create your three ESSENTIALS during our foundation call.

Need a little extra push and attention?

First, let me say, you’re going to get so much from the group coaching program in itself. However, I know what it’s like when those self doubts and negative voices begin to creep in and all of the tools and techniques magically go out the window. Poof.

In this situation, it helps to have some extra help integrating and implementing to get you focused on what really needs to happen next.

Which is why I offer a I’ve REALLY Got This version of the program that includes even more guidance and accountability so you can fully move out of your own damn way.

Hire the Best Business and Productivity Coach in Carmel - AndreaLiebross.com
Who's the Best Business and Life Coach in Carmel - AndreaLiebross.com

I Figured It Out. Now It’s Your Turn

I graduated from Dartmouth College – Ivy League. Even Ivy Leaguers need a guide, a sherpa, a coach; they definitely don’t teach you how to do this in school. I have been in your shoes and wondered why this is all so difficult.

But I figured it out. And now I’m Committed to Your Growth. You’ve thought about what’s next – raising your prices and attracting more business.

And you’ve also thought about having more time with your family, and working on your own health and well being. You want to get to the gym consistently.

But, if you’re honest with yourself, you realize that your commitment to growth in all areas of your life comes and goes. Depending on the season outside, and the season of life you’re in. Or so you think. 

I’ve worked with 100s of women. I get it. You need a partner to help blast past your goals, and enjoy life at the same time. To hold you accountable. To support you. To guide you.

Will this be another year that life just happens to you or a year where you make life happen?

What Are You Waiting For?