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How Anything Is Possible As A Woman

How Anything Is Possible As A Woman

It’s time.

Time for what you might ask? Time for you to make a move, to show them what you’ve got. All by yourself. It really is time to put the big girl pants on and as Nike says “just do it.”

You might think that you have been showing what you’ve got for a while. Well, you kind of have…..but it has been a different kind. The kind that gives you the prized and honorable title of Household CEO.

You might have birthed, potty trained and gotten two kids into high school. You have mastered the pumpkin seat, 5 point harness and booster seat; even the install. You have gone through the puppy stage with four different dogs. You have been a soccer, swim, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, dance, and lacrosse mom. Oh, and baseball. The endless baseball games. Did that too. 

You have moved far away from your hometown, and your family. You have navigated, made friends and figured out how to live outside of Red Sox Nation and inside of New York City, Houston and Indianapolis. Yes, Indianapolis – it is the “Crossroads of America,” home of the Hoosiers and lots of corn.

You are educated, experienced, been around the block a few times. You have done Pure Barre, pilates, Orange Theory, yoga, spin class and even completed an Olympic Triathlon. You can make reservations, heat up leftovers, carpool, and grocery shop like no other.

You have figured out who you enjoy being around, who makes you a better person, who you want to spend time with, and maybe drink wine with.

You have volunteered, are running a business – that you know could be bigger and better, are working – and will only take on what you think you can manage – all around the schedules of others.

You have figured out how to do all of this while being a wife of an “uber” professional, and Household CEO. 

You are more than a Household CEO

So why exactly is it time to show them what you’ve got? Because you have more than all of this. You have more to offer the world. You have more to offer your community. You have more to offer yourself.

But…..aren’t you living the American dream?  What really is so so bad?  You have a roof over your head, food on the table, people who love you. So what is your problem?  It is all looking good over there at your house.  Is it rough being you? 

Well, yes, it is rough being you. Because there is just something missing, there is a void that needs filling. How do you find that golden ticket? You haven’t even had the brain power to think about what that golden ticket might be.  And you know the kids, house, dog and husband are not going to change. The only thing that can change is you.  

People will argue with you. Entitled. Privileged. Woman. Want your cake and eat it too.  They can think that way if they want.  But you are smarter than that.

And, you are not the only smart one. You are not alone in feeling that you are ready for new possibilities. There are a lot of you out there. Who have really put their family first for a long long time.  And their family remains first. But you are all ready to figure out how to fit more into life that is just your own. So it’s time ladies, time to take some action. Time to dream about new possibilities.

Dreaming is Difficult

Dreaming beyond what you have to do tomorrow (or tonight) is probably difficult.  You have not given it much thought, and frankly you don’t even know what you want to do. But, you are ready to explore possibilities. To sort through the possibilities. To create a new reality for yourself. To feel more fulfilled. To have a greater purpose than figuring out a new crock pot meal or how to just maintain. You are looking for a change. For some clean thinking. You have the power to do it. You just need a Sherpa to carry and guide you. After all, you have been guiding others for a while now.

So, are you ready? Looking for a new direction?? – whether that be at work or at home?? Let’s find out what is in store for you. Now is the time. I am here to help start the process. To meet you where you are right now. To guide you start the process of discovering your power to create new possibilities. It is scary. It does take work. But, there is no better time than now. Change direction, wherever you are. What are you waiting for? Are you coming?

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