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How to Invest in Yourself for Maximum Growth

How to Invest in Yourself for Maximum Growth

Of all your investments, there is one that will give you the biggest return: Investing in yourself. This is the way you can grow and evolve to reach what I like to call your “infinite potential?

Maybe there have been times when you rarely invested in yourself, in the kind of way that I’m talking about.  Often there seems to be this invisible force holding us back from spending money on ourselves, even on things that would help us grow into our infinite potential. 

We say things like:

“Maybe next year.”

“Maybe when I have more time.”

“Maybe when we have more money.”

“Maybe when things aren’t so busy.”

Here’s the ironic part, though: we easily spend money on things that offer no return.  We spend money on our hair and nails without questioning it.  It’s just something we do.  And how interesting that these things are EXTERNAL and have to do with physical appearance.  But we don’t spend it as easily on what’s going on in our brains or to increase our mental capabilities.

It wasn’t until I transitioned into creating my own coaching business, that something finally clicked and changed. It was as if the light went on and I finally had clarity. I decided at that point, if I wanted to become the woman that I dreamed of being and live a fulfilling and abundant life, then I needed to start investing in the most important thing of all: me. 

We, as women, need to stop limiting and stunting our own growth and potential. Investing in yourself really means devoting your resources. We have three resources at our disposal:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Brain Power

You need to be devoting these resources to things that will give you a return.

For me, I started booking tickets to workshops and seminars that interested me that I knew would help me grow personally and professionally. I hired a coach. I actually hired a few different coaches for different areas of my life. And I did all this even though the money was not flooding in. I used some savings and I got a zero interest credit card with a twenty thousand dollar limit. It was in my name only, not my husband’s, and I trusted that I would make my money back by giving myself this gift of knowledge and new skills. And you know what? I always made my money back.

I was becoming an aggressive investor. I’m not talking about the stock market, but we can invest in ourselves. For example, when you invest in stocks, Apple or Home Depot or GameStop, you sit around and wait for that company or entity to grow. But when I invest in a training, in a class or in a coach, I’m investing in myself to learn how to make money for myself. I’m not dependent on watching if another company grows. When you see it as an investment in yourself and you love and trust yourself, this type of aggressive investing becomes fun. It becomes a challenge. You start to think about it as “let’s see what I can create from this investment. Let’s see what I can do with this.”

I promise that you will be absolutely amazed at what you can do when you have your own back.

It’s only when you invest in yourself that you are really creating the growth.

Aggressive investment 

Does not mean:

  • Reckless investment
  • Doing things without thinking

What it does mean:

  • I’m going all in on me 
  • I am betting money on me
  • I’m going to prove that this was a great investment for me. 

What this also means is that I am now expecting my brain to think bigger and take responsibility for it. 

So, over the past few weeks, I have been recording podcasts with some of my clients that have had success. Every single one of them has said something that I had not really put too much thought into until now: They have said that what investing in coaching (which is really investing in themselves) has done for them, is it’s taught them to think bigger. Now, most of these women probably made this investment feeling a little scared or feeling a little pain. Some people have said to me they feel like they’re going to throw up when they make the payment when they are making the investment. And I always say that’s perfect because that means that you are walking into a space that will allow you to change.

It makes you feel so powerful because you are realizing when you make an investment in yourself how much you genuinely have control over what you’re going to create out of that investment.

So many of my clients are married and they will often bring their spouses thoughts into their decision of whether to invest in themselves. And they’ll say to me things like “we make these big decisions together.” I get it. And then I will ask, “well, what do you think’s going to happen in that conversation?” They’ll say, “well, he’s going to ask me what kind of return I’m going to get on the investment. You know, he’s got a business mind.”

 Well, here’s the thing:

I can’t really tell you the exact return you’re going to get on the investment. The return is dependent on you building your own beliefs in you and trusting yourself. And really, the more you get serious about creating return, the easier it is to hold space for all his doubt and yours. Because there will be times when your belief wavers. And it’s at this point when doubt appears that you really need to stay in your power to stay committed to what you decided ahead of time. 

Maybe you’ve had this little inkling of thought that, “yep, I can do this. I can create something bigger. I am capable of so much more. I know that this investment is what will bring that to the forefront and make it happen.” If you’ve already decided that before you even got on a call or looked at the details of the program, you already knew that! So, you have to stay in that belief when you or someone else starts to doubt the return you’re going to get from the investment. You must stay in the belief that you will get a huge return!

So, if you are not committed to creating success, to believing that you’re capable of success, then maybe this isn’t the time to invest. But I want you to consider that being nervous about what you are capable of is totally normal. My clients and I do the work on that so they can learn that being uncomfortable or nervous is a sign that you’re growing, that you’re changing, that you’re transforming, that you’re creating. That’s a sign that you’re all in!

An investment should make you richer. Whether it’s through money, knowledge, new skills, relationships, experience, support or even self-worth and inner peace, it should make you richer. 

When I have invested in coaching, I have become so much richer. Yes, I have made more money. But the relationships that have come out of that coaching, the experiences, the feeling of support that I have received, that’s like priceless.

I created a free download: 15 Different Ways to Invest in Yourself. Whether investing in yourself happens today, next month or even in a few years, you’ll see the dividends. It’s worth it. What matters is that you are being conscious with your valuable resources each day and choosing to use them in a way that supports you and aligns with where you want to go.

You can invest in yourself today! The return will be your own growth and the growth of your business and career. Start your commitment by enrolling by March 16th in the next round of Committed to Growth Group Coaching Program that starts March 18, 2021. 

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