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She Thinks Big

Insider Training

Get Your QuickStart Guide to an EXTRAORDINARY 2024


December 6th, 2023
1:15 - 2:45 pm ET

via Zoom
*There will be a replay if you are unable to attend live.

At this LIVE session, I’ll take you from debating to deciding exactly what you desire 2024 to look and feel like in your life and business.

Meet Best-Selling Author,

Andrea Liebross

Andrea Liebross, a certified business and life coach, specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs to infuse thinking with action so they can drop the drama and figure out how to think like a CEO, manage like a CEO and believe in themselves to achieve success in their business and at home.

Celebrated for her transformative work with unapologetically ambitious women, helping translate their visions into tangible accomplishments, Andrea is the author of the new book, She Thinks Big.

Andrea is dedicated to implementing systems and strategies that lead to sustainable and meaningful success. She possesses the unique ability to decipher complex situations and shed light on the broader perspective, one that transcends business politics and tedious responsibilities. Her focus is on guiding women toward their highest potential, free from the constraints of traditional norms, to achieve a coveted balance of time, financial prosperity, and boundless energy.

Beyond her coaching, Andrea is a dynamic speaker and the engaging host of the Time to Level Up podcast, where she works to help listeners create a plan to have a profitable and successful business.

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Join Best-Selling Author Andrea Liebross as she shares…

The three secrets you need to quickstart your EXTRAORDINARY 2024.

1. Don’t start with a plan. Start with desire.

  • How to become a woman who knows exactly what she DESIRES, not just wants, through confident thinking and without wishy washy “woo”, rainbows and unicorns.

2. Don’t debate. Decide.

  • How to become a woman who makes clear, quick and confident DECISIONS to shift the desire into action without hesitating, doubting or feeling guilty about time, money or what anyone else thinks

3. Don’t shift between work and play. Create the perfect recipe of both.

  • How to become a woman who gets things DONE with right mix of work and play, that feels both DAZZLING and DELIGHTFUL and without sacrificing family, friends or clients

It’s time to take action. 

Get Andrea’s insider perspective on how her most successful clients do this, day in and day out.

What do they know that you don’t know… yet !