[Funnel] Habit Tracker - Andrea Liebross

How to Create Habits that Stick

We all love to stick to habits. But inevitably, at least 50% of the time, we don’t.

So – what’s the problem? It’s not that you are not motivated or don’t have a plan. I would argue that you don’t have the THOUGHTS and FEELINGS needed to make the action (the habit) happen, and get the result you want from having that habit.

Use this Habit Creator and Tracker to think through and write down the THOUGHT and FEELING you need to lead to the habit. Assess WHEN you will do the ACTION. And track whether or not you do it every day. And it’s always great to have your eye on the prize – that is the RESULT. Write that down too.

Time to Level Up Podcast Episode 52 goes through the process in detail. Listen in so that you can make this shift in your life but trusting yourself.

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