7: Create Your Own Confidence

Create Your Own Confidence

Have you heard that confidence is elusive? That's it's just something you're born with, or you're not?

I'm here to break that myth.

Confidence is something we can all create for ourselves!

In this episode, we're discussing why having confidence affects so many pieces of our lives. I'll be going over the five keys to confidence and how you can achieve it for yourself and ditch the uncertainty!

In Today's Episode, We Discuss: 

  • 5 keys to confidence
  • Why confidence affects our achievements
  • How to avoid the feeling of doubt
  • Deciding ahead of time that can you can accomplish this with confidence
  • Reaching old goals with your new set of tools

After you understand the 5 keys to confidence, you'll be on the right track to tackle 2021 with confidence and certainty instead of the old worry and doubt.

If you're ready to level up your confidence, then you don't want to miss this episode!

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Andrea Liebross

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