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Endless Possibilities

Resources, blog posts and interesting perspectives to help you discover endless possibilities for change.

Where does confidence come from?

By Andrea Liebross | October 24, 2019
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Sunday Blues

By Andrea Liebross | February 17, 2019
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What Skills Have You Acquired by Being a Parent?

By Andrea Liebross | February 17, 2019
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How to Stop People Pleasing by Andrea Liebross at

How to Stop People Pleasing

By Andrea Liebross | February 12, 2019
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How Do You Want to Live Your Life?

By Andrea Liebross | January 9, 2019

Two Ways to Go It’s 2019. It has arrived. Have you decided how you are going to live your life in 2019? As I explained to my kids last week, as I see it, there are two ways to go.…

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I hope…You hope…Don’t Hope…

By Andrea Liebross | October 30, 2018

  My son and his high school tennis team recently made it to the semi-states in the state tennis tournament. This was a big deal. For a school with a high school enrollment around 350, to have made it to…

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Taylor Swift’s BIG REPUTATION and How She Overcame FEAR

By Andrea Liebross | October 8, 2018

Most day to day fear is not useful. It only pretends to be useful. It is not there to save our lives as in the caveman era. It is just the perception of fear that we are experiencing, and it…

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Why the personal trainer:life coach team is important by Andrea Liebross

What Can A Personal Trainer/Life Coach Team Do For You?

By Andrea Liebross | August 15, 2018

One of the most common goals and resolutions that people set every year is to “get healthy”. This can be worded in many ways including “lose weight” or “exercise more”. How you word the goal doesn’t really matter, what does…

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Free Time? Who Has That?

By Andrea Liebross | August 8, 2018

Time is relative. The way we experience time is dependent on how we think about time. Seven Weeks For me, over the past two months, sometimes time seemed to go fast and sometimes it seemed to go slow. For the…

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“No way, that’s crazy.”

By Andrea Liebross | July 23, 2018

How would I ever do that? When an idea pops into your head one of the first responses our brain has is, “no way, that’s crazy”. We dismiss it and carry on with our day. But then it comes back.…

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