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Endless Possibilities

Resources, blog posts and interesting perspectives to help you discover endless possibilities for change.

How to find the time and motivation for something new

By Andrea Liebross | May 28, 2018

We all want to say hello to new and exciting things. New clothes, new opportunities and new adventure…but saying hello means we need to say goodbye. New means change, and change often requires making room. Letting go can either be…

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Five secret benefits of being married to an ‘uber’ professional

By Andrea Liebross | May 28, 2018

Being married to a doctor, a lawyer or any “uber” professional with a demanding work schedule, is wonderful. But not always glamorous. Great things come with having a ‘successful’  spouse that are very apparent to the outside world. What might…

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Books and Beyond with Ali Liebross

Finding Your Tribe at Book Club

By Andrea Liebross | May 27, 2018

A TRIBE Shortly after we moved to Indianapolis, I chose to stay at home with my newly born bundle of joy. As most parents have found, having a child is an avenue to developing adult friendships. Soon you find you…

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